About Us

Laila’s Way Behaviorial Health Services

Laila’s Way Behavioral Health Services is a leading company for therapeutic services in Philadelphia . Our clinicians have state of the art training with modern day practices. We derive our services based on Applied Behavior Analysis , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ,and other evidence based interventions. Laila’s Way Behavioral Health Services focus on teaching effective skills, assuring our clinicians are knowledgeable and a good fit for your family needs is our number one priority.

As one of the Philadelphia area’s most prominent resources for quality behavioral health services , Laila’s Way specializes in a wide range of evidence based services to increase communication, skill acquisition, and community integration. And while we work hard to offer top quality service from highly trained clinicians on teaching skills with life lasting effects is our focus. We also specialize in function based treatment, self-monitoring skills, and caregiver training . This assures an effective transfer of skills to the care giver, person serviced, and other parties involved.